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The passion for our land

Serrapetrona is situated in a sunny location, 500 meters high in the hills and mountains of the Macerata. Capital common and small agricultural center specializing in the cultivation of fine wines is located on the road connecting the valley of the Chienti power with that of the winding hills of olive groves, vineyards and patches of vegetation. The serrapetronese economy has always supported on local produce, the cutting of forests, on coal production, stock farming and breeding of silkworms. They are an attraction numerous healing properties of lightweight waters that flow from the ancient fountains of the country. Inhabited since the

Age of Iron lives for the passage before the Piceni, then the Romans and then the Lombards. The emblem of the municipality clearly indicates that the fort was built to tighten the old mountain road to Camerino. To get some news of the town of Serrapetrona must still wait 400 years yet, it is in fact in a document from 1132 that shows the name of "Serra". From this period the City Walls, Palazzo Del Feudatario Petronio and the Church of S. Clemente. At the second City Walls of the fourteenth century. They belong Gate Arcade, the Walls with loopholes and road covered with typical loggia.

The political life of its inhabitants was governed by the statutes of which we admire a unique collection dating from 1473 kept in the city. Subjected prior to the Lordship of the Varano of Camerino, then passed to the service of the Apostolic See until 1861 when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Viticulture in Serrapetrona has centuries-old history advantage by climate and soil rich in nutrients. In the last century the area was known for the quality of its wines, but it is 70 years that his name is linked with the Vernaccia wine. Several wineries focusing on quality, in fact, grow, produce and trade Vernaccia D.O.C.G. There are numerous wineries, farms and typical restaurants that rise is close to the famous Lake Caccamo and inland municipal Serrapatrona where you can taste local specialties and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.